Getting Excited and Making Things – January Post Recap

I’m not one for resolutions. I just needed to get back to writing more this year, so I have.

The name of this site (and my official mini-bio) is Dangerously Enthusiastic. That sums me up, as enthusiasm infuses everything I do. I got a new t-shirt with a motto that neatly summarizes what 2010 is all about for me. I am Getting Excited and Making Things.

That Would Be Me.

Here’s a quick list of what I dove into in January. Check out the posts you may have missed, give me the redux of what the posts you already read made you think of or inspired you to do, and let me know if you wrote anything in response that you want me to check out. Inspiring you to make stuff, see stuff in a new way and FEEL SOMETHING is the best work I can do.

January 2010 – Dangerously Enthusiastic
Jan. 3: Domino’s New Pizza

Jan. 10: Meeting My Brother, Part 1

Jan. 12: Twenty-two dollars, Eight Servings, Whole Foods

Jan. 13: The Narrative

Jan. 19: Giving Myself a D: Seth Godin’s “Linchpin” Book Launch

Jan. 20: Philly Cream Cheese and Red Sauce – Best Friends. (Recipe Review)

Jan. 26: Nerds and Sex

Jan. 26: Meeting My Brother, Part 2 (Photo Blog)

Jan. 28: Give Me Tomatoes or Give Me Nail Polish: How American Apparel Missed a Handmade Opportunity

Jan. 30: Hate Me Now

January Reposts
The Animals, Not The Whores (Originally posted May 15, 2008)

Snapshots: Heat and Porcelain (Originally posted June 19, 2006)

Copper Kisses AKA The IUD Blog (Originally posted June 9, 2008)

Here’s the first post of February, if you missed it: Killing The Ifs

January 2010 – Mouth Of The Border (my food website)

Jan. 4: A Walk Through the West Indies, Via Crown Heights. Restaurants, Part 2.

Jan. 27: A Walk Through the West Indies, Via Crown Heights. Restaurants, Part 3.

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Thank you all for stopping by to read. Hearing your thoughts and reading your responses is often my favorite part of writing.


5 responses to “Getting Excited and Making Things – January Post Recap

  1. Emily,
    You’ve inspired me to clean my shop and loft for your visit on Saturday, and I can assure you that is not an easy thing to get me to do.
    Thank You!

  2. Oh sweetie, you’ve taken the “Get excited and make things” to a whole new level in January. And said energy is so damn contagious it would be obnoxious if it didn’t lead (me and others) to great things.

  3. I should wear the shirt I’m wearing in this video while you wear the shirt you’re wearing in your photo:

    (And yes – I know how extremely off-key I am)

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