Abundance (Photo Blog)

I have a rare free weekend coming up, and it’s a holiday weekend to boot. I’m still toying with the idea of jetting off to Phoenix for a friend’s huge Valentine’s Day costume party or to Killington to snowboard.

It’s just as likely that I’ll stay in, make desserts from this book and decorate my home for my housewarming party at the end of the month.

I am the worst at getting things up on the walls. This is the first apartment I’ve been in since I got to the city where I truly feel at home and can settle in and breathe. So, it’s time to get some art up.

I have a poster I want matted and framed and some prints I want to order. As a former dancer, I’ve always loved these prints from Bill Brauer.

Where I need help from you is on suggestions for good sites to use for photo printing.

I took the four shots below at a farmers market (one of my favorite things to do), and I’d like to get a couple of them printed and framed. They make me think of abundance and harvesting and generosity. They just make me happy, and I want that feeling of abundance in my home.

What site or store should I use for printing? Which of the shots below do you like best?

French Breakfast Radishes, Evanston Farmer's Market, Illinois

Soy Beans, Evanston Farmer's Market, Illinois

Potatoes and garlic, Evanston Farmers Market, Illinois

L'Aubergine. (I love the French word for eggplant.)

Let me know if you have any photo printing recommendations for me. If I don’t post here again over the weekend, enjoy it! I’ll be somewhere eating cake.


2 responses to “Abundance (Photo Blog)

  1. Definitely frame the eggplant one. Gorgeous. I have no suggestions on printers, unfortunately.

    So if you go away this weekend, does that mean you’re not doing the Sunday night tasting-thingie?

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