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The Art of Loafing

If you’re on the friends list, then you get my (usually) daily mini-blog via bulletin called “The Happy Five.” [NOTE: This blog was originally published on MySpace.] It’s just a list of five things that made me happy on that particular day. They range from the mundane (like the enduring mystery of the “knork” aisle in my little bodega of a grocery store) to the “that-could-only-happen-to-Emily-in-NYC” type things (like my once or twice a month run-ins with champagne, cupcakes and Google engineers). I’m re-posting today’s list here as an homage to all my friends who opted to stay in today, away from the rain or snow, just veggin’ out. Continue reading


Music Coursing Through My Veins: What I Love

It’s funny, because I was going to post a blog last night listing some of my favorite workout songs that have motivated me at the gym over the years, but I was so tired when I got home, I decided to save it. In the meantime, browse the answers to this survey. I’ll get to the “iPod Workout Walk Down Memory Lane” another day.

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). Continue reading

Secret Passions and a Quick Fix

This is just a quick hit of things that have been turning me on or giving me a bit of amusement lately.

I am thisclose to being diagnosed with a clinical obsession with food and cooking. Obsessed. In a previous professional incarnation, I was a restaurant critic for a major newspaper. It gives me great joy to walk into restaurants I now frequent and see reviews I’ve written framed on the wall.

In addition to watching more food-related TV than is reasonable or healthy, I read about food, cooking equipment and techniques voraciously. I adore Alton Brown and the Iron Chef. I consider Giada de Laurentiis a personal friend. I own “Cupboard Love” (a “dictionary of culinary curiousities”) by Mark Morton, “How to Peel a Peach,” by Perla Meyers, a few of the “Best Food Writing” annual anthologies and subscribe to Gourmet Magazine. Continue reading

The Book List

There’s that section over there on people’s [MySpace] profiles, that “Books” section. All mine says is “Yes, please.” That’s what I say when I want all of something. I’d rather be be tossed around to the point of shaken baby syndrome than reveal my personal beliefs regarding the greatest books of all time.

I’m built of books, man. Telling you what I read is like revealing a state secret, and ya’ll know how I feel about secrets. I like ’em in the box, where they belong.

But I’m giddy. I’m sitting here with a wedge of Fontina cheese, a Wusthof paring knife and $116 worth of booty from Barnes & Noble. So, I’ll share some of the books I bought. Not all, but some: Continue reading