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Amazing Friends

I am just blown away by the generosity and love my friends showed me and my roommate Katie last weekend at our house party and the inaugural Chillhouse bash.

It was amazing, amazing, amazing. From friends showing up early and pitching in with getting ready, to my roommate’s fiance shoveling the snow in the backyard, to Patrice doing the Cheesecake Dance at the end of the night and all the funny moments that happened that night, I was so happy and so pleased by the feelings of love in the house. That’s what made it a warm house.

There were a few milestones that day. One: I added my place as a venue to Foursquare. I had said I wouldn’t when I moved in due to privacy issues. I nixed that problem by not using my real address and instead using the address of the childhood home of one of my favorite musicians: The Notorious BIG. Benefits: Seeing a visual representation of the friends who’ve been to my house. Also fun: People adding tips on what you can find at my place, including boobs. Nice. Continue reading


I Excel at Brunching

One of my very favorite things in the world is brunch. It’s not a meal. It’s a lifestyle. My last relationship actually started after one particularly memorable brunch with friends.

Flourless chocolate cake at Chez Oskar, my favorite summertime brunch spot

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Come Cheer Me On at The “Most Delicious Food Safari Ever!”

The “photogenic food contest” I participated in the Sunday after Christmas was one of the crazier things I’ve done here in New York, right up there with being maid of honor at a Halloween wedding conducted by 13 witches or the weekend I spent helping Neil Strauss with a pick-up artists’ convention in 2007.

I had no idea what I was getting into. I had just got home tipsy from a fun dinner with a friend. My holiday vacation had just begun. I was laying in bed with my iPhone, scrolling through email when I saw a note from my friend Cathy Erway. She wrote those of us on the NYC Food Bloggers’ mailing list about a fun contest she was co-hosting with a group of amateur photographers called Photojojo and a couple of local supper clubs. Continue reading

Tastes So Good, You’ll Want the Recipe (Plus Pics)

I awoke Sunday morning to a lovely predicament. I hadn’t yet given any thought as to what dish I would bring to my dear friend’s wedding shower that afternoon.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you or make any attempt to be humble here. I f-ing rock in the kitchen. I am the person you look forward to having at your parties because you know I’m going to bring something unexpected and awesome. Usually, I start planning a mini-feast the second I open an invitation. Continue reading

Ode to the Old Derryfield Country Club

There is only one place in Manchester that has my heart. It’s a place that actually only exists in my heart now that it has been torn down. The old Derryfield Country Club. Oh, yes, a fancier, cleaner and more expansive one has been built in its place. It’s got one of those flashing electronic display signs advertising its prime rib special and Sunday brunch. But it isn’t home.

Let me tell you about my friend, the old DCC.

I started attending reggae Sundays at the deck back in 2002 with my best friends Heather and Stacie. We’d usually be groggy, rolling out of bed after a Saturday night adventure – we’d pull my mattress out to the living room, make some mac ‘n cheese, and flop down and watch the 1 o’clock Pats game on the bed in the living room. Around 4, we would put our hair in pigtails, swap tank tops and make the short drive to the D. Continue reading