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How a Crumble Brought us Together

I have been following several food writers for years, many of them via their food blogs or books (or both). People who say blogs are killing books or newspapers are silly. Blogs aren’t killing anything. Lack of high-quality, relevant content are. I have purchased – paid cash money – for at least 6 books in the past few years from authors I first discovered through their blog, and half of those are cookbooks. This isn’t counting probably 15 more books I’ve purchased on the recommendation of bloggers I trust.

One of those three cookbooks is Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back…And How You Can Too by Shauna James Ahern. I’ve been reading Shauna’s blog since a few months after she started writing in 2005. I was drawn to the site because of her gorgeous photos and lyrical writing style. She came across as an incredibly positive person, and I enjoyed her posts on a consistent basis. Continue reading


Make Me Latkes, I Send You Cookies

Wooohoooo!!! I did it! I actually shot, edited and uploaded an entire food video blog. Woot. If you’re looking for a quick cookie recipe to get you through the holidays, just watch the video, click the link at the bottom to access the recipe, and swing by the grocer on the way home from work or to your family. It takes just a few minutes to throw the cookies together and they bake in less than 15 minutes.

Thanks for taking the time out to watch this! Continue reading

Secret Passions and a Quick Fix

This is just a quick hit of things that have been turning me on or giving me a bit of amusement lately.

I am thisclose to being diagnosed with a clinical obsession with food and cooking. Obsessed. In a previous professional incarnation, I was a restaurant critic for a major newspaper. It gives me great joy to walk into restaurants I now frequent and see reviews I’ve written framed on the wall.

In addition to watching more food-related TV than is reasonable or healthy, I read about food, cooking equipment and techniques voraciously. I adore Alton Brown and the Iron Chef. I consider Giada de Laurentiis a personal friend. I own “Cupboard Love” (a “dictionary of culinary curiousities”) by Mark Morton, “How to Peel a Peach,” by Perla Meyers, a few of the “Best Food Writing” annual anthologies and subscribe to Gourmet Magazine. Continue reading