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Three Years of Twitter. What a long, tweeted trip it’s been.

Sunday, March 7 marked the three year anniversary of the day I joined Twitter.

My original Twitter username in 14K gold and rubies from @TheHippest

I don’t remember how I first heard about the platform. I didn’t use it much for the first 8 months and after a year and a half, I still mainly shared with a small circle of people … maybe 300 people followed me and I followed half of them back.

Sometime over the summer of ’08, I became friends with Jack Dorsey, cofounder and the idea guy behind Twitter. On one of his visits to NYC in October, I went to my first Tweetup (being hosted by a friend of his) and experienced the power of the hashtag.

Me and Jack, Oct. 08

By following the hashtag before the get together, I connected with Brian Simpson (@Bsimi), fellow Sox fan and New England transplant. It was right before he joined the staff at The Roger Smith Hotel (@rshotel). Continue reading


Twitter: Birds of a Feather Helping One Chick Take Off … Literally

I’m a passionate user of the social networking site, Twitter. I’ve been sharing short, personal updates on my life, AKA “tweeting” at @EmilysPearl since March 7, 2007 and on a separate account for work (@ECava) since September 2008.

People frequently ask me why I use Twitter. Because the site limits updates to 140 characters or less, people seem to enter the discussion with the viewpoint that they could get the same mileage out of scanning friends’ Facebook status updates, reading their blogs or shooting them a text message.

I have one recent story that illustrates both the beauty and utility of Twitter in my own life.

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