The Art of Loafing

If you’re on the friends list, then you get my (usually) daily mini-blog via bulletin called “The Happy Five.” [NOTE: This blog was originally published on MySpace.] It’s just a list of five things that made me happy on that particular day. They range from the mundane (like the enduring mystery of the “knork” aisle in my little bodega of a grocery store) to the “that-could-only-happen-to-Emily-in-NYC” type things (like my once or twice a month run-ins with champagne, cupcakes and Google engineers). I’m re-posting today’s list here as an homage to all my friends who opted to stay in today, away from the rain or snow, just veggin’ out.

For everyone who ignored their to-do lists, cancelled all appointments and turned their ringers off, this one’s for you. It’s not so much my regular happy five, but it does have five things I hope you’ll get a chance to check out.


1. I haven’t had time to read in forever. I had a bunch of things on the to-do list today, but since I’m still not feeling that hot, I just read. All day. ALL DAY. I don’t know if I’ve ever just read for an entire day. It was glorious. So, instead of four other happy things, I’ll give you four other happy reads:

“Living a Writer’s Life” spoke to me for obvious reasons. I think anyone who wants to live a passionate life – writing-related or not – will enjoy that one.

“You Can’t Go Back – Part 1” I can’t pimp PhilaLawyer enough. His stuff is just so crisp and real in a “yes, that’s IT” kind of way that I can’t help kind of marveling at the dude very time he drops a new one. (By the way, his editor and publisher aren’t bad either.)

A better portion of the day was spent catching up on my food reading. This lead to one recipe, then another and, next thing I knew, I had bookmarked enough new recipes for the next month.

Beer-Braised Pot Roast. A shout-out to one of my new favorite food blogs, “Not Eating Out in New York” and to Yuengling, one of my favorite beers. Plus it’s a great recipe for my NH folks who are a wee bit covered in snow (you’ll have to do without the Yuengling though, unless you want to drive down near Boston to buy it).

“Angles, Hustlers and Suckers” Something for the pool player or strategist in all of us.

And if you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself to visit another blog I can’t get enough of and watch this video. Okay, so it didn’t involve reading, but I was laughing so loud that my roommate came into my room to check on me: Tracy Morgan Wasted on Live TV, courtesy of N*gga Know


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