In Search of Bedrock (Free Write No. Five)

Who am I?

Don’t we all ask ourselves that from time to time?

Some of us are luckier than others. We know our purpose; we know why we were put here and what our cells are made of. At our hearts, even when shaken and broken down, we know we can return to ourselves and find some strength within. In those times, we’re in search of bedrock. A foundation for something pure, secure and steady.

Sometimes, we look to others to provide that bedrock for us. We often evaluate others in terms of what they can give, what they can provide. Not to be selfish, but to make sure that if we take that step and reach out past the edge where she ends and he begins, there will be something there for each person to stand on.

So much has been lost in the way of kindness and in the way we value our relationships. We need to slow down, put away whatever distraction we’re holding onto and just focus. Sit down and face someone and look in their eyes when you’re talking with them. Look for bedrock. Care about what you see reflected back at you. Listen.

Think about how much you can build.

Things get wiggly when you wander around with your energy spread across so many interactions with nothing left to feed it. Sometimes you wander and find out that you’re constantly listening, giving and waiting for it to be reflected back. It never comes. You have to make a change.

Keep searching for bedrock. Hold your gaze steady. You’ll know when you see it. Where there was emptiness, all of a sudden you find yourself standing on solid ground, no longer afraid to fall.


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