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With SXSW Comes Great Responsibility

“It matters not what rank [the reporter] has, what revenues or garnitures. The requisite thing is that he have a tongue which others will listen to; this and nothing more is requisite.” – Thomas Carlyle

Playing a Game of Telephone with the Whole Internet

In just a couple of days Tomorrow, I leave for the mega-conference called South by Southwest, a multi-track event with a focus on interactive media, music and film. I’ve wanted to attend SXSW since 2007, but am just now in a position professionally and financially where it makes sense. I’m paying my own way, as my focus and goals while there are geared towards making the best connections and absorbing the most knowledge I can for my future endeavors on Mouth of The Border.

I frequently share live updates from public events I attend, whether it be a food- or cocktail-focused event, tech or social media gathering or one of my company’s conferences. I don’t do it just because it’s fun. I do it because it might be interesting or useful to someone, and also because sharing live “on the scene” it what I was trained to do. Continue reading


Getting Excited and Making Things – January Post Recap

I’m not one for resolutions. I just needed to get back to writing more this year, so I have.

The name of this site (and my official mini-bio) is Dangerously Enthusiastic. That sums me up, as enthusiasm infuses everything I do. I got a new t-shirt with a motto that neatly summarizes what 2010 is all about for me. I am Getting Excited and Making Things.

That Would Be Me.

Here’s a quick list of what I dove into in January. Check out the posts you may have missed, give me the redux of what the posts you already read made you think of or inspired you to do, and let me know if you wrote anything in response that you want me to check out. Inspiring you to make stuff, see stuff in a new way and FEEL SOMETHING is the best work I can do. Continue reading

The Narrative

You have no power or influence over any person or organization until you become part of their story.

You have no real relationship or kinship to someone if they haven’t woven you into their narrative.

This concept drives trillions of dollars every year. Word of mouth marketing . . . have you heard of it?

Stepping away from business, though, I have had occasion to think about this again and ponder it for quite some time over the past few weeks.

It’s something I started thinking about last year, and now that’s come up several times in just a few days, I’m taking it as a sign to pay attention and internalize it.

Playing around on the beach in Isla Holbox (in the Mexican Carribbean) August 2009

Continue reading

Getting in Trouble

NOTE: This post was originally published on a different blog of mine in 2006.

I don’t think I’ve ever properly thanked the bundle of you who have signed on to read everything I dish out, even when it’s crap or a bunch of pictures or a love poem.

You know what? I really appreciate that you’ve stuck around this long. (Yes, Original Hater, that includes you, too.) I hope you’re enjoying the new profile page, because I designed it for you. I wanted to make it easier to access all of my stories, even the crappy ones that you may have missed at the beginning. All of the blog links should be fixed now, so please check them out. Consider it a token of appreciation – and an appropriate one, as one of my very first blog subscribers did the coding for me. Continue reading