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Getting Excited and Making Things – January Post Recap

I’m not one for resolutions. I just needed to get back to writing more this year, so I have.

The name of this site (and my official mini-bio) is Dangerously Enthusiastic. That sums me up, as enthusiasm infuses everything I do. I got a new t-shirt with a motto that neatly summarizes what 2010 is all about for me. I am Getting Excited and Making Things.

That Would Be Me.

Here’s a quick list of what I dove into in January. Check out the posts you may have missed, give me the redux of what the posts you already read made you think of or inspired you to do, and let me know if you wrote anything in response that you want me to check out. Inspiring you to make stuff, see stuff in a new way and FEEL SOMETHING is the best work I can do. Continue reading