Blueprint Cleanse, Day 3: Le Fin

By the time I press “publish” on this in a few minutes, it’ll be past midnight, which means I will have not eaten a single thing for three days. Wow. I didn’t eat anything, and I didn’t drink anything outside of my six juices (provided by Blueprint Cleanse) except for tea and water.


I’m all clean! No major revelations while I was doing the juice cleanse. Just a few little revelations and reminders:
– Mealtime is sacred.
– Fresh bread smells amazing.
– Food and eating are meant to be inclusive.

What was it like?
I wrote about Day 1. I didn’t write about Day 2, because it was a breeze. And today was more of the same, though I think I said “Hallelelujah!” when I finished the last green juice.

I can honestly tell you I was not hungry. The one time I felt hunger was tonight, and that was a function of having to go too long between my fifth and sixth juices (long days at office). The only aspect that I felt changed, health wise, is that I can breathe through my nose clearly for what feels like the first time all year. My sinuses have been jacked, though I don’t have any known environmental allergies. So, that was nice.

Yes, I lost weight. I’m not even going to bother mentioning the number, as I’m positive it was water weight. Weight loss is not why you should pursue this if you’re thinking of doing it yourself. I expect some of that to come back as soon as I start eating.

How will things be different tomorrow? Well, this has helped me get my appetite back in line so that I can eat smaller portions of everything. That, for me, is the thoughtful way to mind my waistline, as I hate HATE any way of eating that bans whole food groups or types of food.

And I do feel more centered and focused. Just a bit more peaceful. I’m looking forward to salads and seafood. Not so sure how I feel about the booze. I have a feeling that first drop of vodka’s going to hit my tongue over the weekend and I’ll be done for. Which is totally fine … I have a bed, and nice people who will make sure I find it.

On that note, I am going to go get in mine. I know this is sort of an anti-climatic end for anyone who thought I wouldn’t stick with it. Sorry. It was worthwhile for me.

Questions? Ask away. I’ll try to get back here and answer them tomorrow night.


3 responses to “Blueprint Cleanse, Day 3: Le Fin

  1. Um, you not finish something you’ve started? Psha, suckers don’t know you if they thought that. It’s having the willpower to do it that’s the most difficult, with most of these types of fasts.

    Congratulations, and enjoy the solid foods today. I’m adding BPC to the top of my next paycheck “list”.

  2. I can’t get past the light headed feeling when going on these fasts. Did You get any headaches besides the time you were tortured by pizza?

    I think that’s where my headcahes come from when fasting, smelling other peoples food. It’s like the aromas are magnified.

    • The headache wasn’t caused by wanting pizza :) The headache was because I barely slept the night before. I had a headache that entire first day, but after getting a good night’s sleep, I was fine. Didn’t have caffeine once the entire time.

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