This Juice Is The Business: Blueprint Cleanse

Juice Delivery for Blueprint Cleanse

Juice Delivery for Blueprint Cleanse

Hi y’all. Last week was wild! From having an article on food and sex get published in New York Press to my food website showing up on, it was just a jam-packed few days. Very thankful. And very tired.

Did I mention tired? Since the new year started, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of input vs. output in my life, and the scales have recently tipped towards too much input again. I’ve had too many nights out on top of stressful days at work, resulting in zero downtime. I love my friends, and you can’t reschedule birthdays, the first day their new bar opens or their black tie party in a fancy suite at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. And that’s just in the past three days … this is really my life.

Last week I hit a wall and stopped wanting to talk to people, to answer text messages or to answer the phone. Here’s where the Blueprint Cleanse comes in. Luckily, I was smart enough to schedule delivery of their “Excavation Cleanse” as soon as I got back from SXSW.

I learned about Blueprint Cleanse back in December 2006 during my first week in New York. My friend Todd, who is consistently in amazing shape, was raving about it. He said he did it once or twice a year. I checked out the website and while it looked interesting, it was too expensive for me at the time since I moved here without having a job lined up.

Fast forward and I need that cleanse. I need it a lot. I need to detox from all the food and booze and, even more than that, I need an excuse to say no to every single invitation I receive this week. And since I can’t eat or drink booze (or even caffeine), this cleanse suits me nicely.

Want to see what I’m going to be drinking for the next 3 days? Watch my YouTube video below (it’s a little over 5 minutes, just short enough to squeeze into your lunch break).

I’ll have six different juice blends for three days and hopefully emerge lighter (emotionally speaking), healthier and a bit less wound up. Wish me luck.

For more information on Blueprint Cleanse, visit their website here.

For more information on using juice cleanses/fasts for detox and health purposes there is some good information on Steve Pavlina’s blog here.


5 responses to “This Juice Is The Business: Blueprint Cleanse

  1. I had actually been seeing all your foursquare checkins lately and wondering how you could be so busy and not get fried. I’m going through the exact same thing. After a few frenetic and stressful weeks I literally “popped” and couldn’t even read for a day. Needed total quiet and dark.
    Will be following you to see how the cleanse goes. Take care you! :)

  2. Good luck this week! I hope you enjoy it.

    I’ve been wanting to do BCP for some time now, but the $$ is a little to much for me right now. Especially since I juice at home, it’s extra hard to justify.

  3. Considering all that junk you been eating and drinking your skin is very clear. I’m curious to see how your skin gets after the cleanse.

    • Excuse you. Everyone’s definition of “junk” is different, and I hardly think it courteous of you to judge my diet when you have no clue of what I eat or drink on a daily basis. Just because I write about elaborate meals doesn’t mean I partake of them everyday.

      That aside, I thank you for the compliment. I glow because I’m a happy person with good genes who drinks a lot of water.

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