I’m Feeling You

I am feeling you right
With your tenements
reaching up to touch
an endless sky.
Your multiple tongues
spilling mellifluous from
mouths of speakers, native.

I am feeling you.
you have me
where you want
Pushed up between
the waiting strangers
on the train,
hungry for that

I am feeling you
under your disco glitz
tits, dicks
all with the switch set
to “gyrate”
in your velvet-walled rooms
sitar and salsa music,
soft lips,
sweet scented smoke
curling from ten hookahs.

I am feeling
your sticky finger sangria
cab fares, wanton stares.
Not knowing
this next drink
will take me.

I am feeling you
with your bagel places
and nameless faces
telling me I’m beautiful.
With your strong, bad coffee
your black and white cookies.
It’s obvious you’ve been
expecting me.

I’m feeling you.
I’m feeling you.
I’m feeling you.


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