I’m Feeling You: The Pictures

NOTE: These photos are the companion to a love note I wrote to New York City a couple months before moving here. Click here to read.

My next girlfriend, Layla The Bellydancer.

Oh, Brooklyn . . . I feel you.

Seriously, did the city know I was coming? Is that why they put up these ridiculous signs?

Disco sushi: The Spicy Boy Roll. And some yellowtail.

Disco sushi: The Happy Island Roll. It had mango in it. Sushi shouldn’t come in sauce soup, but isn’t it so pretty?

Trying to dance and sushi simultaneously.

I’m a disco balla, fo’ real.

Who you callin’ a hookah?

Here we have a rare shot of the Emily in her natural habitat. Dance floor, 3 a.m. Habibi Lounge.


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