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Happy Birthday, Neeners.

I’ve been holding off on posting a new blog because I knew the next one would be my 50th post. I also wanted to hold off because I thought it’d be nice to mark the occasion by thanking the woman who gave me a reason to blog.

If you don’t know her (and at least half of my subscriber list does), this is Nina.

Today is Nina’s birthday. I love her.

I joined MySpace at the end of January 2006 to stay in touch with old friends. I had never really considered blogging as an outlet for my personal writing (as opposed to the type I get paid to do). One day in February or March, out of curiousity, I clicked the “Blog” button at the top of the homepage and the list of top blogs popped up. Nina’s was on there and whatever her post was, I thought it was hilarious. Continue reading