Happy Birthday, Neeners.

I’ve been holding off on posting a new blog because I knew the next one would be my 50th post. I also wanted to hold off because I thought it’d be nice to mark the occasion by thanking the woman who gave me a reason to blog.

If you don’t know her (and at least half of my subscriber list does), this is Nina.

Today is Nina’s birthday. I love her.

I joined MySpace at the end of January 2006 to stay in touch with old friends. I had never really considered blogging as an outlet for my personal writing (as opposed to the type I get paid to do). One day in February or March, out of curiousity, I clicked the “Blog” button at the top of the homepage and the list of top blogs popped up. Nina’s was on there and whatever her post was, I thought it was hilarious.

She started writing a few friends-only posts to avoid some drama, so she was the first non-real life friend I sent a request to. The title of the message I sent along with the friend request said, “Bitch, I want to be your friend!” Let’s just say she approved the request.

I had the good fortune of subscribing to her blog right before she and LilNavyWife collaborated on their now-famous blog about why they married white men. <-Click it. And that, my friends, was the beginning of blogging for me. I wrote my “Black Boys vs. White Boys,” blog and just kind of kept posting from there.

So, to wish my Neeners a happy birthday, a list of a few reasons why I love her.
1.The bitch will blog about anything. Eyebrow waxing, weaves, other people’s ugly children and . . . well, she even drunk-blogs. Because she’s so honest, she can get away with things like posting a drunk blog with only one word – “Dontcha.” That bitch got, like, 5 pages of comments on a one-word blog. I will never be that open with my life, so I’m glad she is so I can read all about it and nod my head in agreement.

2.When I was considering a few big changes to my life back in April, she was there to really encourage me to do what I want to do. I was also considering relocating, and Atlanta was on the short list of cities I was thinking about moving to. I’m not moving to Atlanta, but if I did, I know she and I would be getting into a lot of trouble. Donny (her husband) wouldn’t know what to do with us.

3.She is gorgeous. Look at her.

4.We are probably the whitest black girls you’ll ever meet. If you’ve talked to or met either one of us, you know what I’m talking about. Nina’s ghetto card got revoked, though, and I still have mine. Actually, if you read her next blog post, I have a feeling she’s earning her card back right this second.

5.She introduced me to Bill Dawes’ blog. Back in April, she wrote a blog entitled, “Who is Bill Dawes, and why do I want to have his babies?” She linked to his post that day – and it was one of the funniest, most honest stories I’ve ever read. I still think he should have kept “trash bag,” instead of “balloon,” but whatever. She consistently pimps other funny, honest or artistic bloggers and I love her for that.

6.Nina is just an awesome person. I’m glad everything in her personal life has worked out the way it has, and I’m sure from here it will only get better. She has an amazing husband who supports her in everything she does (even if what she’s doing is eating a banana split in the middle of the night while waxing her eyebrows, relaxing her hair, trying Nair for the first time and watching all 13 hours of TV on her four Tivos – and then blogging about it). She has a beautiful child who is already smart as a whip. She is also sexy as hell, and doesn’t much care if bitches hate her for it.

I love you girl!

If you know Nina, feel free to leave her some good tidings here. If you don’t know her, check that bitch out. Happy Birthday, Neeners.


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