Bacon Takedown Redux

For my collection of photos and random thoughts from yesterday’s Brooklyn Bacon Takedown, click the photo below.


Answers to your comments:

– The bourbon bacon ice cream won the people’s choice award. I’ve had butter pecan ice cream with a shot of bourbon at a local restaurant, and that rocked my world. This interpretation was just as good.

– Straight up bacon dusted with Szechuan spice buttons won the judges award

– I wasn’t competing. I went just to eat. And eat I did. All 30 samples.

– Yes, Brooklyn is the best place in the world. The fun, eating creative class lives here and I’m happy to call them friends.

Brooklyn Bacon Takedown, Today at 5 p.m.

Posted March 29, 9:37 a.m.:

This is where I’ll be tonight – drinking beer and surrounded by glorious bacon.


Also, check out the interview in my friend’s magazine with @forkthis, who’s participating in tonight’s Bacon Takedown

See you there!


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