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November 2: My “Juicy” Journey

“Those who are born on November 2 are usually busy with some sort of transformation. The changes which they effect are both in themselves and in the environment around them. They are characters on life’s stage who change the action of the drama just by their presence, for better or worse.

The transformations wrought by November 2 people can go very far indeed; the structure, direction and purpose of business organizations or social or religious entities can come under their sway.

November 2 people generally arrive at a crossroads, often at age 28, 44 or 56, when they must drastically redirect the course of their lives. Should they be able to effect an internal change, becoming aware of their needs and ever more determined to realize them, then the chances of them succeeding on their path are great indeed.”

Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, “The Secret Language of Birthdays.” Continue reading