Birchbox! What’s in the box? (Video post)


My cupcake was girly and delightful, just like Birchbox.

Over the summer, my friend Sarah sent me an invite to join, and I totally ignored it because I was busy.

A couple weeks ago, Sarah tweeted about some awesome product she got in her Birchbox and I was jealous. I wanted to try it! How it works is Birchbox sends you a monthly box of deluxe sample-sized goodies of beauty and cosmetic products for $10 each month.

If you like the products and buy them on Birchbox, you earn points towards future purchases. You can also earn points by answering products surveys on the site and by getting your friends to join.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a box of goodies showing up every month (and most especially during their birthday month)? I also love that this company was started by a pair of women who seem to geek out over beauty products AND technology even more than I do. I want them and this idea to win. I signed up last week and got my first box this week.

Here’s a quick video showing you what’s in my first delivery

Let me know in the comments: What is your favorite beauty discovery of 2010?

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just love what this company is up to. Like the idea? Sign up at (Want to help me earn points? I will send you an invite and I’ll get referral points when you join!)



10 responses to “Birchbox! What’s in the box? (Video post)

  1. You just solved one of my most difficult christmas present quandaries! Let me know if I can earn you points by gifting one.

    • I sent you an invite! Let me know what the giftee thinks. I hope she loves it!

      • Just ordered myself a one-month box so that I have something to give as a present along with the gift subscription details. I’m going to wait until I get paid on Friday to place the full-year gift order.

        Exciting! I just hope I don’t fall in love with anything that comes to me.

  2. Already signed up and invited all of my friends! xo

  3. Em, I totally signed up and just got a bunch of my friends to as well. I can’t wait to get my first Birchbox in December! I think this is just the ME thing that I’ve been needing.

  4. Hello Emily! I love this gift box you opened – I want everything in it! :) I decided to treat myself and sign up – $10 a month is the price of a good martini! It will be interesting to see if our samples are the same or different since they asked for our skin types, hair color and other preferences.
    I also love the way Birchbox responded immediately to my question about how to get you some referral points.

    Thanks again for the referral! :)

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