A Handmade Life

A 2007 entry in my journal

A 2007 entry in my journal

I wrote the below in my journal (see image above) a couple of months after I moved to New York.

“handmade life” implies something individualized, not mass-produced or machine-animated for the general population. “handmade” implies something genuine and stitched together with care. Choosing harmonious elements and weaving them together slowly, sometimes pricking your/my forefinger and letting the blood color a small corner of the finished product.

“handmade life,” something that is unique + stylish, something only available and customized for one soul, a one-of-a-kind original, a couture – haute couture – emotional habit cut and hewn to fit the curves of my existence.

Where is the roadmap for this?

there isn’t one. people would have me believe that the bible or a session in a psychiatrist’s chair would provide the guidance. I’d prefer to make mine without a pattern. I did not come here to be a saleswoman. I came here to exhibit force and change the energy around me.

Being under a spotlight takes its toll. But a handmade life, no matter how unpolished or perfect the resulting fabric, will be something that is just mine. It is what I make of it and it is the one thing that is mine. No one can take it away from me.

“despite all its drudgery, the world is still a beautiful place. strive to be happy.”

I will say that I have an opportunity to do what I love every day. That is a a gift no amount of money could ever replace. Remember that. Know that if you had to walk away, you could. Without that passion holding your life together, everything else would come apart. Passion is what defines you. PASSION.


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