Q: What is this website about?

A: Me, Emily Cavalier. I mainly write about my wanderings as a fairly new New Yorker, food, social media and my family. Also thrown in are posts on what I’m reading or listening to, and lots of photos.

Q: Why don’t any of your posts before July 2009 have comments?

A: I moved these posts over from an old blog. The old comments would have been difficult to add here, but your new comments are very welcome (unless they’re spam or otherwise unpleasant).

Q: Why did you delete/not post/not respond to my comment?

A: Because I haven’t gotten to it yet, or because I didn’t like it.

Q: Aren’t your afraid that [enter person here] is going to see what you wrote and be [mad/annoyed/embarassed]?

A: No. The people I care about know how I feel about them, and also know how important writing and authenticity are to me.

Q: Can I repost/copy your writing or photos?

A: Only with written permission from me and proper linking and attribution. I’m flattered you’d want to. Thank you.

Q: How can I get in touch with you directly?

A: Please see the “Contact” page.

Q: Your phone number isn’t listed on the “Contact” page. Can I call you?

A: Only if you’re calling me to offer me a pony or a plate of freshly-baked cookies.